Tuition Fee and Refund Policy



The fees refund policy is related to tuition fees paid by Student Short Visitor Visa students. 

Eligibility for Refunds 

Applicants who require Short Visitor Visa must pay a non-refundable deposit of £100 GBP at the time of making the application and £50 non-refundable for the local students from the payment of the student. Students pay the full tuition fees (depending on the course applied) before the Unconditional Offer Letter (Visa Letter) can be issued. 

Tuition Fees 

The tuition fees you are required to pay for your programme(s) will be stated in the offer letter or you can select from our website. Should a student get a refusal to their application from UK Visa and Immigration Service or changed mind within first 14 days of the admission, these fees will be refunded to you, except in circumstances stated in the terms and conditions.


The fees are non-refundable except in one or several of the following circumstances: 

If the UKV&I gives the below reasons for refusal 

  • Your visa application is refused due to the submission of fraudulent/ incorrect documentation or failure to meet the UKVI’s maintenance requirements e.g. lack of sufficient funds held for at least 28 consecutive days. 
  • Your visa or further leave to remain application is rejected due to breaching the conditions of your previous visa(s) such as tourist visa or any other visa issues like working more than the permitted 20 hours per week during term time or poor attendance. 
  • Your visa application is refused due to a failure to demonstrate academic progression or exceeding the previous UK study limit (i.e. 2 or 5-year study 3 cap) and the required information was either not previously disclosed or false information was provided to UKMC. 
  • Your visa application is refused due to a failure to disclose a previous criminal conviction or failure to disclose any other information to UKMC or on your visa application form which has led to the visa refusal. 
  • Your student visa is granted but you are refused entry upon arrival in the United Kingdom. 
  • If UKMC terminates a course after the course start date and before the course completion date, then full fees is refunded minus the £100 administration charge 
  • If UKMC does not provide a course as advertised due to circumstances beyond its control; then full fees are refunded minus the £100 administration charge 
  • If you have serious exceptional circumstances such as: 
  • Serious personal accident or injury of self or close family member 
  • Death of close family member(s) 
  • Medical emergency or requirement of long-term medical care of self or close family member(s) 
  • Impact of natural disaster or civil disruption. 
  • In the event of a rejected student visa application, if you can provide evidence that the visa application made was valid such as proof that you have the finance and qualifications required and the documents provided are genuine as per the UKVI requirements. Please note, this will need to be submitted at least 15 working days before the latest start date of the course. 

An application for an exceptional circumstance refund of fees due to illness or bereavement must be supported by documentary evidence from an official source before a refund can be approved. Refunds in relation to exceptional circumstances are at the discretion of the Director of UKMC


Future Pay Refund policy

Under UK law, you may have the right to cancel or request a refund under certain circumstances, in accordance with this policy.

Please note that our policy on cancellation and refund varies depending on the payment model you have chosen for access to content or courses on the UKMC Website. See options below: 

  1. Paid Upfront Courses (excluding Microcredentials) & certain Course Upgrades
  2. Microcredential Courses 
  3. Start with Registration fees


  1. If you paid to access Paid Upfront Courses or a Course Upgrade:

Refunds or cancellations can only be issued if:

    • you have requested it within the 14 day cooling off period (further detail below);
    • you have not completed (or attempted to complete) any tests; and 
    • you have not received a Certificate of Achievement or Statement of Participation (whether digital or physical) on the course.

The 14 day cooling off period begins:

For Paid Upfront Courses:

  1. If you purchased before the course started, on the first day of that course run; OR
  2. If you purchased after the course run started, on the day you made the purchase.

Once your access to the Paid Upfront Course run has been removed, you will not be able to access any part of the course, take part in any tests, or receive a digital or printed certificate for the course run.

For Course Upgrades: 

  1. if you upgraded before the course started, on the first day of that course run; OR
  2. if you upgraded after the course run started, on the day you paid to upgrade.

Once your upgraded course or access has been removed, you will not be able to access the course run after the free access period has ended, take part in any tests, or receive a digital or printed certificate.

  1. If you paid to access a Microcredential Course:

For all courses bearing a microcredential (which may be an academic credit, accreditation or another form of formal recognition of prior learning, as applicable), you will be entitled to cancel your purchase and receive a refund at any point between the date of purchase and the date when learning begins on the first course of the microcredential.

After the date on which learning begins, each microcredential will have a different timeframe for refunds and/or cancellation, depending on the laws of the jurisdiction of the university awarding the microcredential.

Please check the description page of each microcredential course for details on the applicable refund/cancellation timeframe. You will also receive an email with all the relevant details once you have been accepted to and have enrolled on a microcredential course.

  1. If you paid for Registration fees:

Registration fees minimum £50.00 in some cases £100. Refunds or cancellations can only be issued if both of the following conditions are met:

  1. you have requested it within the 3 days cooling off period which begins on the day you paid for Unlimited; and
  2. you have not received a Certificate of registrations confirmation within 3 days of payment. 


Refund Request Process 

In the event that your visa application is refused, we will require you to provide a copy of the refusal notice issued by the Home Office/UKVI and the identification page of your passport. 

Applications for a refund must be made in writing to the director via email You would need to complete a Refund Request Form, attach the required documents and send it as an attachment by email or via post to: 

FAO Md Zahid Islam. 


City View House

5 Union Street, 


England UK

M12 4JD 

To qualify for a refund, you must submit irrevocable evidence that you are not in the UK by providing a copy of the passport page containing an entry stamp confirming entry into a country outside of the UK and/or flight ticket. 


Refund Application Processing Time 

A decision will be made within 5 working days provided that the refund application form has been completed correctly and all the relevant information has been submitted to UKMC. 

Should further information be required for a final decision to be made, we will notify the applicant. Please note, this may delay the process further and thus the initial 5 working days processing time may be extended. 

If the refund application is refused, UKMC will not normally reconsider the decision made unless the applicant can provide additional information other than that submitted in the original request to support their claim. 

Approved Refunds 

Where a refund is approved payment will normally be made via Bank Transfer and you should provide all the details so that the funds can be transferred successfully. Please note, UKMC does not issue refunds by cheque or cash. In line with UK money laundering legislation, payment will only be refunded to the person or organisation that paid the fees. 

No interest is paid on a refund of tuition fee payments. Please be advised, that any bank charges deducted by UKMC’s Bank will be adjusted during the processing of the refund and will be additional to the administration fee of £100 deducted from the refund. 


All decisions on tuition fee including refunds are made on the basis of the information included in the refund request form and supporting evidence. If an applicant wishes to appeal against the decision, they will need to complete a write to the Director on  and provide evidence that was not included in the original request and send it by email.  


Policy reviewed annually 

Next Review on November 2023