Professor Erica Joslyn



We are a friendly education college and at UK Management College we are enthusiastic about building careers and our staff and students enjoy the benefits of a vibrant, high-quality learning environment. We are committed to providing strong academic routes of study and our courses align to those sectors with strong employment opportunities including, a range of business, childhood, health and social care courses.

We are proud of our strong portfolio of further education courses for young people and adults, and we remain committed to our diverse community of learners.  We are also expanding and, from 2023, we offer degree courses in our core areas of study – ensuring that all prospective students have access to quality higher education courses.

I hope, whatever your career choice, you find this website helpful and please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information or advice.

Our Mission Statement

“Our vision is to empower individuals to make significant contributions to their working and personal life and to become more fulfilled in their personal objectives. To help each person we work with each person to recognize their potential, set objectives, and make plans to achieve them. We believe that success is the continuing journey toward new goals”

Our Vision

To be the chosen Provider for employers, students and funding agencies Internationally and throughout the UK, with motivated staff training in inspirational learning centres with Quality marks to confirm our standing as a provider of training.

Our Values

  • Promote Lifelong Learning

  • Reward and Celebrate Success

  • All Students are supported

  • Involve all staff

  • Support equality of opportunity for staff and Students

  • Encourage self-review and continuous improvement

Our staff aims to provide exemplary service, providing you with high-quality training, advice and guidance to enable you to achieve your personal goals and move forward in your career.