Business English Course

Pricing & Packages

25 hours per week classes Price Per week
1-7 Weeks £ 255
8-12 Weeks £ 250
13-22 Weeks £ 245
24-35 Weeks £ 240
36-44 Weeks £ 235

Business English Course outcomes

On crowning glory of this direction, using revolutionary, thrilling cloth from our companions at countrywide geographic learning and additional mission work, you’ll be capable of:

  • Communicate more effectively and fluently at work
  • Participate confidently in meetings (both online and face to face)
  • Negotiate effectively and sensitively
  • Develop business-specific and professional vocabulary
  • Experience and participate in a variety of business scenarios through role-plays and task-based learning
  • Network with greater confidence
  • Develop the 21st Century skills you need to excel in your current or future role

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Develop your Business English skills and boost your career

Business English is the perfect course for those looking to excel in an international career.

This programme combines General English, Skills for Career Success, and focused Business Communication Skills sessions to create the perfect course to communicate confidently at work.

The task-based approach of this course means that you get exposure to authentic business scenarios and the opportunity to participate in a variety of roles and put the language learned into practice.

You will receive feedback with regards to your use of vocabulary, phrases, and pronunciation, as well as the skills required to complete each task effectively ensuring you leave more confident and ready to succeed in the business world.

Trainers plan the lessons with you to be sure the language and practice activities are relevant to the jobs and careers represented in the group.