Academic English

Pricing & Packages

25 hours per week classes Price Per week
24-35 Weeks £ 235
36-44 Weeks £ 230

What's Included

  1. Welcome pack & induction
  2. Weekly progress tests
  3. Teacher tutorials (every 4 weeks)
  4. Online learning portal: UKMC
  5. University counseling
  6. Access to UKMC+ classes
  7. Student services
  8. End of course certificate (12-week full-time study only)
  9. Student services
  10. End of course certificate (12-week full-time study only)

Entry requirements:
In order to enroll on the course, a minimum level of English is required in order to ensure the participant receives the most suitable level of tuition for where they are at, enabling us at UKEC Academy to more effectively get students to where they need to be.

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UKMC Academy Teaching Method

At UKMC we understand that each magnificence is exclusive and every student is exceptional. Our teachers adapt their teaching fashion and technique on the way to help and consist of all students in their mastering. This approach allows our classes to be as powerful as viable. Our lessons are learner-targeted so students constantly actively participate in lessons and gain from lots of opportunities to coaching the language. The UKMC approach offers our global college students with a supportive, exciting, and interactive environment. Our college students can be challenged and stimulated in the course of their preferred English path.

  1. Explanation/Demonstration
  2. Observation
  3. Reading
  4. Classroom tasks & activities
  5. Assessment
  6. Individual learning plans
  7. Performance reviews