Uk Management College

Our History

UKMC began in 2016, by working in partnership with other providers in order to build up our profile of the business, after 2 successful years, we then went on to gain our own awarding body recognitions and have been accredited to deliver with 5 awarding bodies, namely: EAL, Open Awards, OCR and NCFE, we are also a recognized UCAS centre. This has enabled us to tailor our services to meet our growing student’s needs, along with our own goals and vision. More recently, we have begun embarking on a journey to extend our market and business offers to international students. Most of our students progress on from us and move onto higher education, others progress within their current career, or begin a new career entirely. We provide you with the right guidance and direction and the sense of making the right choices to secure their places amongst the varied universities across the UK.

About Us

We are based on the outskirts of Central Manchester, making us easily accessible. We are located within a modern, managed, and serviced building with excellent resources and facilities. We specialize in providing education leading to accredited qualifications, as well as a signposting and InformationAdvise and guidance service to adult students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Our aim is to support students to achieve their full potential, whether that be academic goals and targets or to increase future job prospects and become more fulfilled in their lives


of Experience


“To be the chosen Provider for employers, students, and funding agencies throughout Greater Manchester, with motivated staff training in inspirational learning centres with quality marks to confirm our standing as a provider of training.”


“Our vision is to empower individuals to make significant contributions to their working and personal life, and to become more fulfilled in their personal objectives. To help each person and organization we work with recognize their potential, set objectives, and make plans to achieve them. We believe that success is the continuing journey towards new goals”


  • Promote Lifelong Learning

  • Reward and Celebrate Success

  • All Learners are supported

  • Involve all staff

  • Support equality of opportunity for staff and learners

  • Encourage self-review and continuous improvement

Our staff aims to provide exemplary service, providing you with high-quality training, advice, and guidance to enable you to achieve your personal goals and move forward in your career.


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